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Who are we?

Like any company, Swift Creek Masonry was built from humble beginnings. The original founder, Doug Johnson, started his career in masonry as a young teenager. Working alongside a family friend, he learned the fundamentals of masonry until he was ready to run his own crew in his early twenties. This small crew eventually grew into multiple crews and those multiple crews evolved into the company you see today.

Many business owners feel inspired to build their business based on vision and inspiration but lack the sweat equity and experience to fully understand their industry. Doug has invested his 20 + years of experience in masonry into the development of Swift Creek. He has built the company on true hands-on experience, and as he’s grown and matured, his wife, Laura has joined him in running the company.

As a young company, Swift Creek managed smaller scale masonry projects to match the size of its crews. However, as the company has grown over the last 21 years, its crews have scaled to manage much larger, comprehensive projects. We have built relationships with established builders throughout the greater Richmond area and one of our niche markets is now multi-million dollar historic homes.

Our growth and reputation in the market is proof that if you have a dream and vision for your business, you can see it come to fruition. We have come a long way from a young teenager working with a friend just trying to learn the ropes of the business. And, guess what? Not only has Swift Creek proven our longevity in the Richmond marketplace with 21 years’ experience, but several of our original crew members from the early days are still with us today. How is that for retention?

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading masonry companies in Richmond, providing reliable, quality service.